Shipping method

I try to keep the shipping costs as low as possible and in relation to weight/dimensions/insurance/no insurance and distance there are a lot of opportunities to ship the goods.

Because of that you can't add shipping costs to your shopping basket.
After receiving your order I send you an automatic order confirmation Email and after that I send you an Email with the lowest possible shippingcosts. SO PLEASE, DON'T PAY AFTER YOU RECEIVED THE AUTOMATIC ORDER CONFIRMATION, BUT WAIT UNTILL YOU RECEIVE AN EMAIL WITH THE SHIPPING COSTS. 

I encourage you to choose for registered shipping or shipping with insurance, because if something goes wrong your item is insured and I or the shipper reimburse the good. No discussion.

If you like me to ship items by unregistered envelope or parcels without insurance it is OK with me, but if the envelope or parcel with the item(s) is lost or damaged it is at your own risk. I don't compensate the lost or damaged goods than.