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  • Parts are here.
    My Z-3000 is fixed & my FR-D3 looks great now.
    I will always check you first for my Sansui needs.
    Thanks again.
    Thought I'd let you know that I got the PCB today, plugged it in my
    QRX-7500 and it works just like it used to! I'm so happy to have quad
    sound again. Great service!


    The order 2010463. The parcel has come. Very quickly. All is simply excellent. Many thanks.
    Good business
    Best regards, Alexandr
    Hi Nies,
    Items arrived promptly and safely,
    I look forward to purchasing again soon.
    Kind regards,
    Goedendag Nies,
    De AB is binnen en is al in gebruik, heel veel dank voor de snelle en goede service.
    Groeten Pierre

    Hi Nies
    the parts arrived today - thank you very much, I am really pleased with the quality and the service.
    regards, Andrew
    Hi Nies,
    Received the head shell this morning by registered mail.  Thank you for the very fast service!
    Best regards from Vancouver,
    Connie Squire

    Dear Mr. Ista, I just received your package with remote control for Sansui CD-X217. Thank you for fantastic support and delivery. Best regards, Boris

    Hello Nies.
    My G4700 now is ready to play and shine with new parts.
    Thank you!
    Hi Nies,

    The parts arrived today. Thank you for your professionalism and help locating these difficult to get parts as well as my other questions. I will definitely order from you again and recommend your company to others. Take care!!!


    Kevin Zbitnew
    Hello Nies.
    Just letting you know that the part arrived today (Thurs 27) and has been stored away in the equaliser's original box for when I need it.

    Thank you for your assistance with this and all the best.
    Hi Nies,
    The switch knob arrived safely today, thanks for your excellent service!!!
    Nies,Certainly will be.Honestly I could not believe the difference a genuine Sansui part could make. The previous stylus I had was some sort of copy, as I did not know I could get a genuine one.You are welcome to quote me in testimonials.Thanks 



    My order already arrived last weekend, just wanted to say thanks for your help and support.

    I'll stay pending on your site since my main board are in trouble.

    Hello Nies,the motor is arrived safely today.Thank you


    Hallo Nies,
    Het pakketje is in goede orde ontvangen daarvoor dank!!
    Bert Ottens.
    Thank you Nies ,

    It's been a pleasure dealing with you .

    Best wishes , Phil .
    Hello Nies,

    I just received the Sansui case. It's in perfect condition.
    Now, when I finish rebuilding my AU-D9 it will have a beautiful new cover.


    john kelly
    all ok :)
    items have arrived
    thank you
    best regards roberto
    Hi Nies,
    Just  a quick note to avise the order arrived safely today, and to thank you for your quick shipping an for continuing to offer Sansui parts to collectors/restorers such as myself, it is much appreciated.
    Hello Nies Ista,
    today the motor arrived in my house!!!
    Thanks for your dedication.
    I will make positive propaganda of your "SANSUI PARTS SHOP" here in Brazil.
    Best regards and thank you very much.


    button arrived yesterday and it fits.
    Everything is fine, best wishes


    Dear Nies, 

    I received the knob yesterday - thank you for your promptness! Immensely satisfied with your service. 

    Please let me know when you find the Sansui AU-999 power switch. 

    Thank you very much. 



     want to inform you that the order 2011795, I arrived in perfect condition
    thank you very much for your attention

    Hi Nies
    I received the card SE9 this morning in good condition, thank you for the speed, it works perfectly, I'm very satisfied

    thank you very much and good holidays
    Best regards

    Hello Nies.

    Thank you very much. It was a pleasure again to make business with you.
    Have a good night.

    Hello Nies,
    I've just received the parcel and I want you to thank for your kindness and interest in solving my problems.
    Thanks a lot,
    Antonio Talevi.

    The balance knob for my AU-7700 arrived safely today. It's perfect. Thank you for an excellent transaction in particular and for your service in general.


    Hi Nies
    This is to advise that the motor arrived yesterday 16/8/11
    It is identical to my unit -- year of manufacture for mine is 19/8/80
    and your unit is 26/8/80. I have had my custom built turntable /
    chassis with Sansui platter and bearing for 30 years.
    Mounted with SME 2 arm the sound is amazing.
    Once again thankyou for your help -- will spend the weekend
    setting it up
    Thanks Joe

    Fijn en bedankt voor de goede service.


    Groet Marc.

    Hello there Jack Newton here I just like to say thank you for your quick responce for my order of the  sansui power switch invoice #2011888 model TU,S9 CP 7 the switch fits perfect just what i needed if I need anything else I will contact you Have a great day Jack
    Package arrived today  (8-24-11)  Have used both controls and quite pleaed with them.  Many thanks for your help.  These were special to me. 
    Bill Hance
    Hi Nies,
    I received today the hinges, they're excellent, two holes + 2 screws
    for each of them and my dust cover recovered its original shape.

    Thanks again and best regards from Namur, cheers


    the bulbs have arrived one week ago on Monday. I tested them
    immediately. They work really well.
    Thanks for sending them to me.
    Great work
    Viktor Kötters


    I received my packet. All is ok.
    Thank you


    Hallo Nies
    Het pakketje is aangekomen, Hartelijk dank daarvoor
    Vriendelijke Groeten van Frits
           The package arrived today.  Thanks for everything!       
                                                    Elliot Sacknoff
    Hi Nies, my last order to Tel-Aviv had arrived and all components are already installed in my refurbished 9090. Excellent quality parts! Wow. Some of the boards look brand new - how do mange this magic? You\'re a genius!

    I\'m looking for a signal meter for a Sansui 9090. I see you got a tune meter - so I was wondering if you could look around for its \'brother\' and let me know if I can buy one.

    Hallo Nies
    Ik heb vandaag het driver board zeer netjes verpakt ontvangen.
    bedankt en als ik weer eens iets nodig heb zal ik zeker eerst even kijken op uw site.
    gr Marco

    received sansui t7 tuner service
    Hello Nies,
    make it for 44,-€, so we are both on safe side.
    And many thanks for your help.
    Best Regards
    Hello Nies,

    I just wanted to let you know that I received the board yesterday. Thank you so much


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