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Welcome to my "SANSUI-PARTS-SHOP"

In the seventies, when SANSUI was a well-known company which made very well built tuners, receivers, amplifiers, turntables etc the importer in Holland from SANSUI was TEMPOFOON, established in Tilburg.

Sadly in the eighties and nineties it went down hill with SANSUI and TEMPOFOON, later BOSE, stopped importing SANSUI.

Luckily I could lay hands on a lot of SANSUI parts like SANKEN, NEC, SANYO, HITACHI, ROHM, SONY, BURR BROWN, MOTOROLA, SHARP, YAMAHA, INKEL, MATSUSHITA, PHILIPS and TOSHIBA transistors an IC's, boards, remote controls, dial glasses, dial scales, meters, STK modules, turntable dustcovers, turntable styli from ADC and Audio Technica,knobs, bonnets, NICHICON, ELNA and NIPPON CHEMICON elco's, faceplates, bulbs, rack handles, ALPS and NOBLE pots and switches, OMRON relays and transformers from the formal Dutch importer, so now these parts come available for the SANSUI Vintage lovers again. 

I know there are a lot of counterfeit parts on the Web especially SANKEN, NEC, ONSEMI, MOTOROLA and TOSHIBA transistors but I can assure you that all the parts that I sell in my shop are all NEW OLD STOCK, REAL GENUINE SANSUI PARTS.

Some parts still have the original order form from Tempofoon or are packed in old Japanese newspapers. Is that NOS or not?

So why don't you have a look?

Because BOSE was also the Dutch importer of SHERWOOD I have some SHERWOOD parts in my shop too. Look under the "Sherwood parts" section.